Strata, Property &
Construction Law

Peter Murphy & Associates (PMA) specialises in Strata, Property, Building and Construction law. The firm acts for a number of Strata and Building Managers and their respective Owners Corporations and is a member of the NSW Institute of Strata Title Management.

Individual Strata Lot Owners, Owners Corporations and Executive Committees

If you are an individual lot owner living in an apartment you may need to protect your living environment. PMA can assist you with remedying defective building work, problems with compliance with unreasonable By-laws that may be affecting the quality of your life or harmony issues with your neighbours. Alternatively you may want to put your own By-law in place for renovating or improving your Lot. PMA can advise you and draft the appropriate By- law, to be passed by a special resolution of the owners corporation.

Owners Corporations and Executive Committees

PMA has acted for some of the largest buildings in Sydney and has resolved some complex and difficult matters involving hundreds of owners. PMA is well aware of the sensitivities of the different owners, the factions that can arise and how vital it is to keep owners informed and to be available so that they can be united in their goals.

Even in the smallest duplex strata plans, legal issues arise. PMA has worked directly with lot owners to achieve collective objectives and maintain the property value of the development.

When your matter requires additional expert advice -

PMA has a network of expert strata, property, building and construction professionals, including valuers, architects, chartered surveyors, quantity surveyors, structural engineers and specialist counsel, whose involvement in resolving disputes is often essential.