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Construction Law

Peter Murphy & Associates (PMA) specialises in Strata, Property, Building and Construction law. The firm acts for a number of Strata and Building Managers and their respective Owners Corporations and is a member of the NSW Institute of Strata Title Management.

Strata Organisations - Strata managers, Owners Corporations

PMA offers Strata Managers – FREE legal representation at Owners Corporation Meetings

Experience tells us that that many potential legal problems can easily be resolved by having a specialist solicitor present at a meeting to give direct answers whilst key stakeholders are present.

PMA offers you and your owners corporations the opportunity to resolve any potential legal or regulatory issues at absolutely no cost and at a time and place to suit you.

Simply get in touch with to make arrangements.

PMA represents many of Sydney’s Strata Management companies, across a wide variety of properties and strata plans, from large prestige city locations to small modest developments. We are well aware of how challenging the role of a Strata Manager is. Our experience tells us that often Owners Corporations and their Executive Committees: -

1. Do not fully understand their legal obligations or the extent of their responsibilities;

2. Have difficulty in resolving potential issues that inevitably arise in modern communal living;

3. Hesitate to instruct lawyers for fear of incurring uncontrollable costs;

4. Fail to make timely decisions leading to problems that could have been resolved much earlier.

PMA provides legal advice on all aspect of strata title and community title law including:

When your matter requires additional expert advice -

PMA has a network of expert strata, property, building and construction professionals, including valuers, architects, chartered surveyors, quantity surveyors, structural engineers and specialist counsel, whose involvement in resolving disputes is often essential.